Clayton Area Traffic Calming Project Update

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A very interesting project was initiated in our neighborhood last year.  There was a request from neighbors for the SF Metropolitan Transportation Authority to address traffic issues of speeding, pedestrian visibility problems and crosswalk issues.  The project area is Clayton, Downey, and Ashbury Streets between 17th Street and Waller Street, as well as Frederick and Waller Streets from Clayton to Ashbury Street.

 clayton traffic calming

There were two community meetings and two small committee meetings.  Most of the people who attended were long time residents with a variety of concerns.  A number of suggestions came out of these meetings, including speed humps and cushions, corner bulb-outs, painted and mountable areas at some intersections, red visibility curbs near intersections with stop signs.  There were two alternatives for the dangerous Clayton and Ashbury intersection.  People interested in this project can visit the website here.

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