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As you probably know, Taking It To the Streets provides housing and other services to transitional-age youth (ages 18 to 27) who are ready to get off the streets. In exchange, the youth help clean the neighborhood with trash pickup, street sweeping and graffiti abatement. You have probably seen them wearing vests and carrying orange trash bags.

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Report on Stanyan Street Edge Project Community Meeting http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/report-on-stanyan-street-edge-project-community-meeting.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/report-on-stanyan-street-edge-project-community-meeting.html By Karen Fishkin, HANC Recycling Chair

There was a full house at the Park Police Station on Thursday evening, January 25, all gathered to hear the makeover plans the Rec and Parks has developed for park property along Stanyan, between Waller and Fell streets.

Having attended several previous meetings on this issue, I recognized both universally accepted changes, and those that split residents. For example, replacing the dirt path parallel to Stanyan with a fairly narrow, paved path, was well-received by all.  The path will be lined by a knee-high fence running along the new pavement, and there opinions parted ways. The fence is admittedly designed to keep out shopping carts, and to herd visitors to the main entrance across from Haight Street. There will be additional fencing that may create the feeling that it is more difficult to get to the grassy spaces, but the grass is not completely walled off.

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Notes from the January Meeting: Who Are We Building For? http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/notes-from-the-january-meeting-who-are-we-building-for.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/notes-from-the-january-meeting-who-are-we-building-for.html By Tes Welborn, HANC Treasurer

Ed Lee vs. The People of San Francisco

Calvin Welch gave a brief summary of development since World War II. While financial interests built office space until both resident displacement and a glut came to pass, community activists all over San Francisco worked to slow or stop displacement and to create a new model, community development. Community development focused on resident needs-- transit, neighborhood retail, housing, and the related struggle for local hire. The Haight struggled with hospital expansion and fought it back to retain housing.

Welch also presented much information on Mayor Ed Lee's legacy, which focused on large development and tech. Lee focused only on jobs while he ignored the need for housing for those new workers and the folks who would provide them services. His policies led to the greatest population transfer in San Francisco's history, with 400,000 people leaving San Francisco over his 6 year term, and 400,000 new, higher income residents arriving.

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The Affordable Housing the Haight Really Needs http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/the-affordable-housing-the-haight-really-needs.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/the-affordable-housing-the-haight-really-needs.html By Rupert Clayton, HANC Housing and Land-Use Chair

As this month's Voice went to press, a couple of articles appeared in the local media based on a misunderstanding of HANC's public comments about the project to replace the Haight and Stanyan McDonald's with affordable housing.  This op-ed piece was submitted to the Examiner to clarify HANC's position and priorities.

Did you read that the Haight’s progressive neighborhood group opposes replacing a McDonald’s with a 7-story affordable housing development? Shocked? You should be, because that statement isn’t actually true. So, what’s the real story?

It’s no secret that a wave of evictions and San Francisco’s soaring rents have made it exceptionally tough for many people to find and keep an apartment. So, the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council warmly welcomed the news that The City is buying the McDonald’s lot at Haight and Stanyan Streets to build a new 100%-affordable housing development.

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January 11 at HANC: Who Are You Building For? Housing Production and Who Gets to Live in San Francisco http://www.hanc-sf.org/next-meeting/january-11-at-hanc-who-are-you-building-for-housing-production-and-who-gets-to-live-in-san-francisco.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/next-meeting/january-11-at-hanc-who-are-you-building-for-housing-production-and-who-gets-to-live-in-san-francisco.html By Tes Welborn, HANC Treasurer

HANC's monthly (except August) general membership meeting is usually held downstairs at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street (between Cole and Shrader) on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 7 pm.  Our meetinngs are open to the public and free to attend.

The Planning Department released its 2016 Housing Inventory December 21, 2017. The annual net gain in housing units--new construction less demolition--was 5,046 housing units, about double the 10-year average annual gain. Of these, over 800 units were “affordable,” an over 50% gain over 2016.

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HANC Members Endorse Tenants' Right to Counsel Ballot Measure http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/hanc-members-endorse-tenants-right-to-counsel-ballot-measure.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/hanc-members-endorse-tenants-right-to-counsel-ballot-measure.html At our December meeting, the HANC members present unanimously voted to endorse a ballot measure informally known as the “No Eviction Without Representation Initiative.” The formal title provided by the City Attorney is “City-Funded Legal Representation for All Residential Tenants in Eviction Lawsuits.” Per the City Attorney’s summary, “This measure would require the City [through the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development] to establish, fund and run a program to provide legal representation for all residential tenants whose landlords are attempting to evict them from where they live.” The full summary can be read at http://sfgov.org/elections/sites/default/files/Documents/candidates/Title_Summary_Eviction_Defense.pdf.

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HANC 2017 Year in Review http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/hanc-2017-year-in-review.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/hanc-2017-year-in-review.html In many ways, 2017 has been a difficult year. Our response has been to try to keep our neighborhood informed and encourage our members and neighbors to take positive action.

In January, we heard about a plan to replace 86 rent-controlled units in Kirkham Heights with a new development of 445 units in five buildings up to eight stories high and eight 3-story townhouses. We also heard from City College Trustees who were still struggling with the Accrediting Committee. These both had happy endings, as the Kirkham Heights developer withdrew its application with the Planning Commission in August, and City College has been accredited and offers free tuition.

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June Election Primer http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/june-election-primer.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/june-election-primer.html The next election in San Francisco will be on June 5. There will be special elections for Mayor and for District 8 Supervisor, as well as a primary election for Federal and State offices. San Francisco and California ballot measures will also be decided

San Francisco Candidates

The special election for Mayor will determine who will be Mayor from the time the election results are certified until early January, 2020. Whoever is elected will be eligible to run for the next 4 year term in the November, 2019 election. The nomination deadline is January 9. As of the end of December, 16 candidates had filed to run for election.

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November Meeting Recap: Questions Remain http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/november-meeting-recap-questions-remain.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/november-meeting-recap-questions-remain.html Our November meeting featured a presentation on high speed internet access, to every San Francisco home, by fiber.  Questions remain about whether the fiber would be city-owned and controlled, or a public-private partnership [PPP].  We note that PPPs often continue the practice of privatizing the profits and socializing the costs - we pay for the new fiber system, and private companies make a profit on it.

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December 14th at HANC: New Police Captain, Office of Cannabis, Bike Share, and Party! http://www.hanc-sf.org/next-meeting/december-14th-at-hanc-new-police-captain-office-of-cannabis-bike-share-and-party.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/next-meeting/december-14th-at-hanc-new-police-captain-office-of-cannabis-bike-share-and-party.html HANC's monthly (except August) general membership meeting is usually held downstairs at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street (between Cole and Shrader) on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 7 pm.  Our meetinngs are open to the public and free to attend.  This month, our December 14th meeting, beginning at 7 pm, will be at THE BINDERY at 1727 Haight Street, between Cole and Shrader (the old Red Vic Moviehouse)

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