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HANC's monthly (except August) general membership meeting is held downstairs at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street (between Cole and Shrader) on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 7 pm.  Our meetinngs are open to the public and free to attend 

If the city rented the parking spot outside your home to your neighbor for $150 a month there’s a good chance you’d
be pretty annoyed. But if ten of your neighbors sold the private cars they parked on your street you’d probably be much more enthusiastic, and wouldn’t much mind that their new shared car gets a reserved parking space. In fact, both those trends are part of San Francisco’s nearly two-year-old On-Street Car Share Pilot Program. Finding the right policy for on-street car-sharing is the subject of HANC’s July 9 membership meeting, part of our series on the impact of the “sharing economy”.

Panelists at the meeting will include Elliot Martin, a research engineer with UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, Andy Thornley, the project analyst in charge of on-street car-sharing in San Francisco, and a representative from City CarShare.

carl and cole car share
Two recently designated on-street parking spaces for City CarShare on Cole St at Carl St lie empty awaiting a red curb paint.
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June at HANC: How the Sharing Economy is Changing the Taxi Industry http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/june-at-hanc-how-the-sharing-economy-is-changing-the-taxi-industry.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/june-at-hanc-how-the-sharing-economy-is-changing-the-taxi-industry.html At HANC’s June 2015 meeting we looked at one aspect of how the sharing economy is changing transportation: app-based ride services such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. While all three services (called transportation network companies, or TNCs, by the state) have headquarters in San Francisco, their sights are set on “disrupting” the taxi industry globally. Two panelists with detailed knowledge of the industry helped us dig into the benefits that TNCs may bring and the damage they may be causing.

Veena Dubal, an attorney and associate professor at UC Hastings, explained the parallels between the history of labor relations in San Francisco’s taxi industry and the push by TNCs to have their drivers deemed to be independent contractors. Taxi drivers actually achieved substantial employment protections through labor organizing the early 20th century. But from the 1950s onwards the taxi companies sought creative legal routes to redefine drivers as independent contractors, which increased the companies’ profitability. In San Francisco this change really took hold in the 1970s, after which there was essentially a two-tier system, with a small number of medallion holders each affiliated with a taxi company renting their cabs to a pool of contract drivers who had few guarantees of shifts or income.

The limited supply of taxi medallions made them very valuable commodities and reduced the incentive for companies to improve service for customers or conditions for drivers. By the early 2000s, national organizing by drivers had started to achieve modest improvements in some cities, such as guaranteed hours. Ironically, San Francisco cabs actually wanted to put in place a centralized dispatch system but were barred from doing this by the city. Now that centralized dispatch has become such an attractive feature of TNC services, San Francisco has allowed taxi companies to affiliate via the Flywheel app, which lets passengers locate any taxi from a participating company.

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Announcements http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/no-hanc-meeting-in-august.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/no-hanc-meeting-in-august.html No HANC Meeting in August

As is our custom, there will be no general membership meeting in August.  The next meeting, after our July meeting will be September 10.


Videos of HANC Meetings

Videos of HANC's April and May meetings on the Sharing Economy can be viewed online.  Click on the links on the top right of our website, or look for HANCSF on YouTube.


HANC Voice available by Email

If you would like to receive the HANC Voice, our monthly newsletter, by email (and reduce our mailing cost), let us know by email to info@hanc-sf.org

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Urban School Expansion http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/urban-school-expansion.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/urban-school-expansion.html urban school expansion
The construction of the Oak street extension of the Urban School is underway.  The 64,000 foot administration/classroom/gym building is to rise some 40 feet to the left of the existing residence pictured above.  The 3,800 square foot single family home will be moved to the left and preserved making room for the new building. 40 parking places will be accommodated underground below the new building, replacing the existing 57 space surface parking lot. Construction is expected to be completed in 2016. 

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May at HANC: Airbnb Rentals and the Haight-Ashbury http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/may-at-hanc-airbnb-rentals-and-the-haight-ashbury.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/may-at-hanc-airbnb-rentals-and-the-haight-ashbury.html Over 50 people attended HANC's May meeting on the impact of short term tourist rentals (“Airbnb rentals”) on our neighborhood.  The day before the meeting the Board of Supervisors Budget and Legislative Analyst Office issued a report on the impact of short term rentals citry wide (Analysis of the Impact of Short Term Rentals on Housing) which found that the Haight-Ashbury had some 32% of its vacant rental hosing stock being offered as “commercial” Airbnb listings and removed from the rental market with resultant increase in rent .  This was the most rental housing removed of any neighborhood in the City.  Moreover, the report pointed out, the neighborhood led in the number of evictions that occurred over the same period. 

The study was confirmed by personal testimony of neighborhood residents at the meeting who reported their stories of being evicted or having neighbors evicted to make room for the Airbnb rentals.

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Haight Ashbury Calendar http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/haight-ashbury-calendar.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/haight-ashbury-calendar.html July 1 through July 31



Thursday, July 9, 7:00 pm - HANC general meeting, Park Branch Library


Tuesday, July 14, 6:00 pm - Park Police Station Community Meeting, Park Police Station


Tuesday, July 14, 7:00 pm - Open Mic (Poetry and Acoustic Music), Park Branch Library


Friday, July 17, 6:00 pm - Haight Ashbury Peace Vigil, Corner of Masonic and Fell



Send calendar items (within HANC's boundaries—Arguello to Divisadero, Fulton to 17th Street) to:  info@hanc-sf.org

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Clean Power SF Gets Go-Ahead But May Be Challenged at the Ballot Box http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/clean-power-sf-gets-go-ahead-but-may-be-challenged-at-the-ballot-box.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/clean-power-sf-gets-go-ahead-but-may-be-challenged-at-the-ballot-box.html By Bruce Wolfe, HANC Vice-President

CleanPower SF (CPSF)) finally made it over the hurdle with Mayor Ed Lee's blessing and the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) approving the not-to-exceed (NTE) electric rates. 

The Commission’s approval action establishes that CPSF rates will not exceed the standard power rates of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) which – until CPSF launches early next year – is the monopoly provider of energy to San Francisco customers. 

Recently, many San Franciscans, including Haight Ashbury voters, received an automated push-poll asking questions about the performance of President Obama, Mayor Ed Lee, Board of Supervisors and SFPUC. Usually, this would seem ordinary but on this occasion quite odd to many residents who reported the focus was specifically on utilities, rates and clean energy.

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Enjoy the Haight Ashbury Street Fair June 14 (And Visit with HANC) http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/enjoy-the-haight-ashbury-street-fair-june-14-and-visit-with-hanc.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/enjoy-the-haight-ashbury-street-fair-june-14-and-visit-with-hanc.html hasf 2015 posterThe 38th annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair will take place this year on Sunday, June 14, from 11 am to 5:30 pm.  The first Haight Ashbury Street Fair was held in 1978 when neighborhood residents, merchants, and activists, with our Supervisor, Harvey Milk, planned the celebration to recognize the economic and residential rebirth of the neighborhood in the mid-1970s.

The street fair features arts and crafts, food booths, music stages at Masonic and at Stanyan, a family area (Children’s Alley) on Belvedere, and a forum for community groups, non-profits, and government agencies.  Visit HANC at our booth east of Belvedere, on the south side of Haight Street.

This year’s poster was designed by Park Station police officer Elizabeth (Lily) Prelinger, who was a graphic design major in college. 

The closing performers for the Stanyan Street Stage will be Barry “The Fish” Melton and Nick Gravenites.  Full schedules for both the Masonic and Stanyan stages and much more information about the street fair is available at www.haightashburystreetfair.org.

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Bay to Breakers Aftermath http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/bay-to-breakers-aftermath.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/bay-to-breakers-aftermath.html At its regular monthly meeting, the Board of HANC expressed an interest in trying to get the sponsor of Bay to Breakers to pay for cleanup of Haight Street the day after the annual event.  Anectodal stories from merchants in HAMA and other residents about the aftermath impacting Haight Street and the Haight Ashbury were shared; it is hoped that power washing the sidewalks (to clean up urine and vomit) could be included in the budget for the 2016 event.  We will contact the organizers with this suggestion for next year.

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April at HANC: The "Sharing Economy" - What's Not to Like? http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/april-at-hanc-the-qsharing-economyq-whats-not-to-like.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/april-at-hanc-the-qsharing-economyq-whats-not-to-like.html By Tes Welborn, HANC Board

     Presentation by Christin Evans and Bruce Wolfe.  

     First in a series of meetings

The “Sharing” Economy is a way to buy a customer base for stock market valuation and an IPO, whether the business model makes financial sense or not. Venture capitalists now dominate the financing of new businesses, and they want the new IPO to be sold ASAP and get their funding repaid, plus. Internet businesses such as Facebook and Google are exploitative. They sell our data to marketers, a monetization of our personal information.

These businesses contribute little to the community, and are purely exploitative of people and resources. At the extreme, they want to privatize everything in the city. These companies flaunt local law and taxes. With their untaxed income, they “pay to play,” and corrupt our political process.

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