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             On August 6, Matier and Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the City of San Francisco had made an offer to buy the site of McDonald’s at Haight and Stanyan to replace it with affordable housing. The story appeared in Hoodline the following day (http://www.hoodline.com/2017/08/city-offers-to-buy-upper-haight-mcdonald-s-build-affordable-housing).

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Playground Sand Is Back In the News http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/playground-sand-is-back-in-the-news.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/playground-sand-is-back-in-the-news.html By James Sword, HANC Board

Sand is back in the news. You may have seen the September 25th Hoodline article titled, Sand By Me, where it was stated that SF Rec and Park (SFRPD has not been fully honest about why they have banned sand in SF parks.

The fact is that despite Superintendent Phil Ginsburg publically tweeting that sand is not banned, a group of concerned parents (including myself) have emails to the contrary.


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2018-2019 Haight Street Construction Details Discussed http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/2018-2019-haight-street-construction-details-discussed.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/meetings/2018-2019-haight-street-construction-details-discussed.html By Christin Evans, HANC Board

At HANC's September meeting, representatives from DPW and SFMTA were on hand to answer questions about the two-year-long construction project planned along Haight street.  Work may begin as soon as January 2018, but with the project not yet out to bid the start time may be delayed by a month or two.  

All pavement between the buildings (sidewalks and roadway) along Haight from Stanyan to Central will be removed and replaced.  New features added will include pedestrian bulb-outs at intersections to shorten the crosswalk, traffic lights at intersections which currently have stop signs, and new conduit for community wi-fi, and pedestrian scale lights.  A number of trees are planned for removal either because they aren't thriving or because they currently interfere with bus wires.  

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In Memory of Konstantinos "Gus" Vardakastanis http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/in-memory-of-konstantinos-qgusq-vardakastanis.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/in-memory-of-konstantinos-qgusq-vardakastanis.html gus

The loss of one of the most stand up and rock solid contributors and members of our community saddens and angers the entire Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council membership. Our hearts and condolences go out to Georgia, Dimitri, Bobby and the whole Vardakastanis family.

Gus: Comrade. Compassionate. Driven. Tireless. Assertive. Peaceful. Scrapper. Intelligent. Political. Generous. The Haight Ashbury was his home base, his grounding. He made an investment not just for his livelihood but in this community and became an anchor for so many of us; a common glue that permeated the neighborhood. Every time you engaged him you felt his roots here.

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HANC Officer and Board Nominatinos are Open http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/hanc-officer-and-board-nominatinos-are-open.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/newsflash/hanc-officer-and-board-nominatinos-are-open.html Nominations for the HANC Board are open through the election at our November Meeting. All current HANC members are eligible to serve and to nominate other members. If you would like to serve, or would like to nominate someone, you can do so at our October meeting, or before the vote at the November meeting. The term is from December, 2017 through November, 2018. The current HANC Board has made the following recommendations for officers and Board members for the upcoming term:

President: Bruce Wolfe

Vice President: Christin Evans

Recording Secretary: Christian Vaisse

Corresponding Secretary: James Sword

Treasurer: Tes Welborn

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September 14 at HANC: Introduction to San Francisco Politics http://www.hanc-sf.org/next-meeting/september-14-at-hanc-introduction-to-san-francisco-politics.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/next-meeting/september-14-at-hanc-introduction-to-san-francisco-politics.html HANC's monthly (except August) general membership meeting is held downstairs at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street (between Cole and Shrader) on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 7 pm.  Our meetinngs are open to the public and free to attend.

The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council has participated in San Francisco politics since our inception in 1959.  Our focus has always been on our neighborhood, but our neighborhood is part of San Francisco, and has always been affected by City Hall.  At our September general meeting, we will provide an introduction to San Francisco politics, from HANC’s perspective, and want to give our members and our neighbors a chance to ask questions and to get involved.

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Vacancies on Haight Street http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/vacancies-on-haight-street.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/vacancies-on-haight-street.html By Christin Evans, HANC Board

Are all the storefront vacancies you see on Haight Street part of the normal turnover or is there something else happening along the commercial corridor?  The answer, of course, is both.  

Currently the most visible vacant storefronts you can spot are on the 1600 block where both Haight Street Shoe Repair and Kids Only (kids clothing & toy shop) were located.  Both of those businesses saw retirements nearly 2 years ago but the building owner has failed to list either space for rent.  Why?  With two levels of housing above, the building is listed in the city’s Soft Story Retrofit database and requires a foundation upgrade by the city’s deadline for Tier 4 buildings: “STATUS: Permit Required by 9/15/18” reads its entry on the city’s program website.

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Why HANC Supports the Appeal of the One Oak Luxury Tower http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/why-hanc-supports-the-appeal-of-the-one-oak-luxury-tower.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/why-hanc-supports-the-appeal-of-the-one-oak-luxury-tower.html By Rupert Clayton, HANC Housing and Land Use Chair

1oakHANC is supporting an appeal against the approval of the One Oak high-rise luxury condo project. The City’s Planning Commission certified the environmental impact report (EIR) for the project on June 15, despite many objections from neighborhood organizations, environmental groups and San Francisco residents. Jason Henderson of Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association has appealed this approval to the Board of Supervisors, with a hearing on September 5 continued to September 12.

So, what’s HANC doing getting involved in a condo development near Civic Center? There are two basic reasons: defending city-wide planning principles and looking out for the impact on Haight Ashbury residents.

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Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/community-police-advisory-board-cpab.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/hanc-blog/community-police-advisory-board-cpab.html By Bruce Wolfe, HANC President

San Francisco enjoys its community participation in government and community services by creating a plethora of advisory bodies. Almost every commission has one and so do many programmatic services. In fact, many SF Police Department districts have community meetings to voice their neighborhood concerns to the stations. Here at Park Station they meet every third Monday of the month from 5:00-6:00pm.

Perhaps you have heard this acronym before, CPAB. What is it? Who is on it? What does it do? What do they discuss? Community Police Advisory Boards or CPAB in San Francisco were created by then SF Police Department Chief George Gascon modeled after others around the country as a way for the community to chime in directly with various sections of the department. Here in SF, they were designed to advise the captains of each of the ten districts.

]]> brucew@hanc-sf.org (Bruce Wolfe) frontpage Sat, 09 Sep 2017 03:58:02 +0000 This Month in HANC History (September 2017) http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/this-month-in-hanc-history-september-2017.html http://www.hanc-sf.org/general/this-month-in-hanc-history-september-2017.html One year ago:  Our September, 2016 meeting focused on Panhandle Improvements and on local ballot measures for the November, 2016 elections.  The pedestrian path still had not yet been re-paved.  Ann Baskerville has since been replaced as project manager for the Panhandle Improvement Project by Melinda Stockman.  Although in many ways the election was a disaster, the Haight-Ashbury voted with HANC’s recommendations.  September, 2016 also saw the beginning of construction on Masonic Avenue.

Five years ago:  Once again, in September, 2012, we were preparing for an election.  HANC was a co-sponsor of the District 5 Supervisor candidate debate.  HANC advocated for Proposition C (Housing Trust Fund) and for Proposition E (Gross Receipts Business Tax), which both passed.  We reported on the failure of 2010’s Sit-Lie law.  We were still operating our recycling center, native plant nursery, and community garden.

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