HANC Officer and Board Recommendations for 2013

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The Nominating Committee of HANC has made the following recommendations for Officers and Board members for 2013.  All HANC members are eligible to serve.  The election will take place at the November meeting.

President:                               Kevin Bayuk

Vice-President:                      Richard Ivanhoe

Recording Secretary:            Burt Phillips

Corresponding Secretary:    Robert Leon

Treasurer:                              Tes Welborn

Housing / Land Use Chair:  Calvin Welch

Recycling Chair:                     Karen Fishkin

Membership Chair:               Michele Welch

Nominating Chair:                 Joey Cain

Members-At-Large:             Colleen Rivecca

                                                 Bruce Wolfe

                                                 Jim Rhoads

                                                 Karen Masonheimer

                                                 Michael Behrens

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