Yes on Prop I: The Dignity Fund protects services for seniors and people with disabilities--without raising taxes.

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By Karen Fishkin, HANC Board

Each year, the number of seniors, veterans, adults with disabilities, and those with chronic and life threatening conditions like HIV and Alzheimer's, continue to grow in neighborhoods across the City. Currently, 25% of San Franciscans are over 60 or living with a disability. That number is projected to grow to 30% by 2030.

Without a stable funding source, services for our most vulnerable residents will continue to decline as the cost of living rises and the need for services increases.


Prop. I helps solve this problem by dedicating a modest but dependable source of funds from the City's General Fund yearly to support vital services for these communities.

The Department of Aging and Adult Services will administer the Dignity Fund. This measure also creates a special Oversight and Advisory Committee to increase community accountability and transparency and ensure funds are spent equitably, responsibly, and where the needs are greatest.

The Dignity Fund will help pay for programs and services that help people live and age well in the comfort, safety, and convenience of their own homes. This is better for our communities and saves money when compared to institutionalized care. These services include home and community-based care and support, food and nutrition programs, consumer and caregiver education, community and service centers, self-advocacy, health promotion and wellness services, housing support services, and much more.

Join us. Make a Difference in the lives of older San Franciscans and those living with disabilities. Vote YES on Prop. I. For a list of current endorsers and more information, go to  


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