Urban School Expansion

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urban school expansion
The construction of the Oak street extension of the Urban School is underway.  The 64,000 foot administration/classroom/gym building is to rise some 40 feet to the left of the existing residence pictured above.  The 3,800 square foot single family home will be moved to the left and preserved making room for the new building. 40 parking places will be accommodated underground below the new building, replacing the existing 57 space surface parking lot. Construction is expected to be completed in 2016. 

Bay to Breakers Aftermath

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At its regular monthly meeting, the Board of HANC expressed an interest in trying to get the sponsor of Bay to Breakers to pay for cleanup of Haight Street the day after the annual event.  Anectodal stories from merchants in HAMA and other residents about the aftermath impacting Haight Street and the Haight Ashbury were shared; it is hoped that power washing the sidewalks (to clean up urine and vomit) could be included in the budget for the 2016 event.  We will contact the organizers with this suggestion for next year.

HANC Updates

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By Bruce Wolfe, HANC Vice President

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA): CleanPower SF (our program) has been moving along nicely. Recent stakeholder meeting revealed that the program is on time. The Rate Fairness Board has approved the not-to-exceed rates which are the same as the two other CCAs, Marin and Sonoma, which already beat PG&E rates. On April 28, a rally promoted by SF Clean Energy Advocates (HANC is a founding member) and Sierra Club was held at City Hall before the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) where the rates and implementation plan will be discussed and potentially be approved. More info at http://goo.gl/g0EBfa

Public Realm-Haight: HANC has been closely participating and monitoring this multi-department project managed by SF Planning Dept and funded by MTA Transit Effectiveness Program (TEP) funds. HAMA President Christin Evans and HANC VP Bruce Wolfe have been bringing up the rear with some added accoutrements including pedestrian level sidewalk lighting, curbside electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and community WiFi. More info at http://goo.gl/EMjVZ4

Fei Tian Academy of the Arts CA: We welcome the new owners of the old Ingold Boys & Girls Club, who will be cutting the ribbon late this summer in time for the fall semester. So far, the youth led mosaic murals on the facade will stay. No word yet on the status of the pool. HANC has asked that the pool remain open to the public as it was in the past.

Public Commons & Parking Removal:Parking is necessary for commerce, visitors, workers and commuters in our busy 'hood. The square block of Page/Shrader/Haight/Stanyan has been very active in 2014-2015. First, at Haight & Shrader, three car and five motorcycle parking spaces were removed for an all-day-everyday tour bus white zone. The motorcycle parking was moved to the first spot around the corner on Shrader which rarely gets used because there are another five across the street. Then, the second car space was converted into an all exclusive Getaround.com red zone that is exempt from nearly all parking laws including 24 hour parking limits and street cleaning. Another two spaces were removed from public use in front of Whole Foods. In April, Fei Tian School petitioned for 88 feet of passenger loading white zone in front of the building. HANC mediated Page St neighbors and Fei Tian to amicably agree on 44 feet (or four car spaces), morning and evening dropoff/pickup periods and inactive on weekends. All told, 11 parking spaces have been removed from public use and the commons. HANC is monitoring this very closely as Flywheel Coffee Roasters has petitioned for a two-space parklet next to the Getaround spots on Stanyan. 


High Ended on Haight Street: View of the Future?

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high ended on haight st

A tour bus, the size of a standard Google bus, was high ended on March 30th,  when it attempted to turn south on Ashbury Street, up the slight incline.  It held up traffic for nearly an hour as a large tow truck  at right of picture) had to be called to remove it.  With SFMTA simultaneously allowing a “pilot program” of oversized buses  using  MUNI stops AND proposing various “bulb outs” (including at this very corner) at intersections along Haight Street, is this a view to be a common sight on Haight Street?  

Real Sharing Versus the ? Economy

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By Richard Ivanhoe, HANC Board

This year, HANC plans to present a series of meetings on the so-called “sharing economy” and its impact on our neighborhood and on our city.  First, we want to come up with a better name.  We’ve considered “greed economy,”  “monetized economy,” “taking market,”  “command economy,” and “share-the-scraps economy” (http://robertreich.org/post/109894095095).   

Here’s an example that explains why the word “sharing” is being misused: A)   In the school lunchroom, a student brought more than he can eat.  He gives one of his two sandwiches to his friend.  This is sharing.  B)  The school bully takes a student’s lunch.  This is not sharing.  C)  The smarmy kid says, “Give me a dollar and I’ll tell you who brought more lunch than he can eat.”  This is not sharing, but looks like the model for entities like AirBnb and Uber.


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