2016 HANC Year In Review

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By Richard Ivanhoe, HANC Board

            As we all know too well, 2016 was an election year. HANC’s May, September, and October meetings discussed the upcoming June and November elections, and “How the Haight-Ashbury Voted” was reported in the July Voice and at the December meeting. HANC also submitted a ballot argument opposing Proposition Q (banning tents). Although not all of HANC’s endorsements won at the polls Citywide, District 5 voters followed our recommendations in the November election.

We, of course, paid attention to our neighborhood—the Panhandle (May and August Voice, September and December meetings, appearance at September Party for the Parks), Haight Street (January, February, and July Voice), Masonic (July and September Voice) and Kezar Stadium (March Voice). We reported on a new group for Haight-Ashbury Seniors in the August Voice. 


We started a new series, “Real Change vs. Name Only Change,” and looked at high speed internet, transportation, and housing at our April, June and July meetings.

We celebrated Clean Power at our February meeting, and discussed car share at our December meeting. Proposals for “density bonuses” for developers were explained at our January meeting and in the June Voice. We reported on positive steps for homeless youth in our March meeting.

Join us at our monthly meetings and read the Voice (available by mail or online here at http://www.hanc-sf.org/the-voice-docs/) for information you won’t find anywhere else.


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