December in HANC History

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Here’s a brief look at some of the issues HANC has dealt with as reflected in past newsletters:

One year ago: Our December, 2016 meeting reviewed the November, 2016 elections from a Haight-Ashbury perspective. We also discussed the transition of car-share from being a pilot program to implementing permanent regulations. The Voice ran an article expressing concern over proposed bike lanes on Oak and Fell Streets.

Five years ago: In December, 2012, HANC’s general meeting again reviewed how the Haight-Ashbury voted in the November elections. We were preparing to be evicted from our recycling center, which happened in early January, 2013. The Voice discussed the November, 2012 meeting, which was about “The Haight Ashbury Public Realm Plan.”


Ten years ago: In December, 2007, HANC announced our holiday party (some things don’t change). The Voice had an article about a proposed ballot measure for that would fund affordable housing and require the Mayor’s office to include affordable housing goals in the budget and report each following year on whether it met those goals (the measure made it to the November ballot, but lost with a 52% to 48% margin); an article about planned Divisadero streetscape upgrades, and an article with the title “Tiny Tim Goes to Jail,” which described the difficulties faced by the homeless population during the holiday season.

Twenty-five years ago: Our December, 1992 membership meeting included a discussion on how to participate in the Golden Gate Park Master Plan process, a slide presentation of historic photos of Golden Gate Park, and a discussion regarding the proposal for residential parking permits in the Haight. The HANC President’s year-end message in the Voice was optimistic—mentioning the election of a Democratic President, Vice President and Senators (after the Reagan and Bush years), and, with the election of Sue Bierman and Terence Hallinan to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the Haight Ashbury would be well represented. Difficulties were also mentioned, including draconian state and local budget cuts, UCSF expansion, traffic from McDonald’s and pollution from Shell Oil. HANC did celebrate a victory at the Rec and Park Commission regarding our lease of the recycling center site.

Fifty years ago: HANC’s December, 1967 newsletter (The Haight Ashbury Ink Link) announced for the December meeting: color slides of construction activity for BART and the MUNI underground, a scene from an upcoming play by drama students at Polytechnic High School, a report on a Housing Action Program for the Haight Ashbury, and a proposal for a Haight-Ashbury Credit Union.

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