HANC Recycling Center and Native Plant Nursery Is Still Open

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Despite attempts to evict us, HANC's Recycling Center and Native Plant Nursery remains open.  Come visit us at 780 Frederick Street (at Arguello), Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4.

Here is a brief history of the attempt to evict us:

Last November, the Recreation and Park Department announced its plans to convert the Recycling Center to a Community Garden.  HANC supports community gardens, but the Recycling Center site is far from ideal for a community garden.  There inadequate sunlight, as the site is shaded by trees, and the soil is likely toxic from the site's prior use as a train depot. 

In December, although public comment supported keeping the Recycling Center at its present site, the Recreation and Park Commission voted to support the plan to replace our Recycling Center with a community garden.  We were served with a notice to vacate the premises within 90 days.  Our attoney examined our lease with the City and determined that under California law, our lease had become a year-to-year lease, and that we have the right to remain until the end of the annual lease.

Despite being informed of our right to remain at the Recycling Center site, the Rec and Park Department filed an unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuit against us in March.  Our attorney has filed motions challenging procedural inadequacies by the Rec and Park Department and by the City Attorney, but judge hearing the motions has not dismissed the lawsuit.

The eviction is proceeding toward trial, but as of late May, no trial date has been set.  We believe that if the case proceeds to trial, we are likely to prevail.

While the trial is pending, we are also planning for the future of the Recycling Center and Native Plant Nursery and discussing possibilities with individuals and entitites within the City.

Meantime, we continue to operate as we have been doing, so please stop by.

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