Report on Stanyan Street Edge Project Community Meeting

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By Karen Fishkin, HANC Recycling Chair

There was a full house at the Park Police Station on Thursday evening, January 25, all gathered to hear the makeover plans the Rec and Parks has developed for park property along Stanyan, between Waller and Fell streets.

Having attended several previous meetings on this issue, I recognized both universally accepted changes, and those that split residents. For example, replacing the dirt path parallel to Stanyan with a fairly narrow, paved path, was well-received by all.  The path will be lined by a knee-high fence running along the new pavement, and there opinions parted ways. The fence is admittedly designed to keep out shopping carts, and to herd visitors to the main entrance across from Haight Street. There will be additional fencing that may create the feeling that it is more difficult to get to the grassy spaces, but the grass is not completely walled off.


A kiosk with a Coffee Shop

Renderings were available that showed the locations and relative sizes of other installations, such as Bocce Ball and Petanque areas, and a paved space with tables and chairs for customers of the Kiosk. The Kiosk will be created by renovating the old restroom building. It will hold a one-stall unisex bathroom when complete, and RFPs will soon be issued for those who are interested in running the coffee shop that will occupy the rest of the newly renovated Kiosk. Local merchants have been invited to apply. Having another coffee shop there, so close to established coffee shops, was another issue where attendees disagreed.

The main eastern entrance at Haight and Stanyan will end up without visible welcome, as the columns and planters will be removed, with a plan to make Alvord Lake the visible entrance to the park.

As for the Oak Woodlands, the steps and handrails will be removed and split rail fences will close off several areas. There will be protection for old growth along with new plantings and ramps.

More information is available at RPD’s web page about the project:

So, what do you think?  Share your concerns with HANC.

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