April 2017 HANC Membership Meeting Report

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By Bruce Wolfe, HANC President

Despite somehow being locked out of the building due to a pass-key foul-up, we started about ten minutes late. Board President/Supervisor London Breed was on time but had to leave within 30 minutes. We began right away. Unfortuantely, not enough time to get deeper into issues, she fielded questions from members about bike safety, affordable housing, Panhandle southern walkway repair, Haight Street construction and 4/20 event. There wasn’t anything earthshattering to report other than status quo and that she was monitoring these issues.

The ACLU presented a great slideshow of what they are doing around immigration and other issues members inquired about. They will be making the slideshow available and we will post it here at to the HANC website when it arrives.


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