June Meeting Recap: Summer of Love Memories From the Haight-Ashbury

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By Richard Ivanhoe, HANC Board

When we announced our June meeting in the HANC Voice, we said there might be some surprises.  There were.

Each of our panel members contributed.  Stan Flouride shared neighborhood newspapers from the era.  Holly Harman told us that the original Merry Pranksters’ bus, Furthur, was buried at the Happy Holidays commune.  Diamond Dave Whitaker reminded us that the spirit of the 60’s – cooperation, awareness, caring – is still important and still with us.  Arthur Round spoke of his apprenticeship and abrupt promotion at the Oracle , the colored ink and scents poured from ketchup bottles, and the time he counted 350 (weeknight) / 500 (weekend) sleeping in one house.


Our audience also participated.  We heard about the Symphony adding a light show and attracting hippies, to the dismay of regular patrons who complained about smelling marijuana (the scent was actually patchouli).  Young people asked about comparisons between then and now.  “The hippie revolution was planned north of the Panhandle and carried out on Haight Street.” The people who were living here before the hippies, contrary to popular belief, welcomed their new neighbors.

The evening reflected the topic—chaotic, enlightening, entertaining, and memorable.


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