Community Reviews "Final" Designs for Haight Street, Asked to Complete Survey

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By Christin Evans, HANC Board

On the evening of July 6th, community members gathered in the Park Branch meeting room to review the latest designs proposed for upper Haight street.  The project, which started in 2012 as a public realm visioning, was pushed ahead by SFMTA, which had earmarked dollars for their Muni Forward plan to speed the buses.

At the meeting, DPW planners Martha Ketterer and Fiona Cundy showed designs with alternatives for pedestrian-scale light fixtures, as well as identifying features and tilework at the corner of Haight & Ashbury.  Also discussed at the meeting was the possible removal of up to one third of the street's trees which are in poor shape and may not survive the project's disruption to their root structure.  Construction work is scheduled to start early in 2018 and to last at least 18 months, sometimes blocking access to Haight street merchants.


Information about the project and a link to complete the survey can be found online at  If you are on HANC's email list, you will receive an invitation to complete the survey.  If not, please contact Christin at the Booksmith for alternative ways to complete the survey.

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