Friends of Alvord Lake Meets

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At a meeting on February 5, which included representatives of three Haight Ashbury organizations (HAIA, HAMA & HANC) and three Rec & Park employees, Friends of Alvord Lake was formed. After a presentation/slide show and discussion, the group decided to seek fiscal sponsorship of the SF Parks Alliance and to start a process with the Rec & Park Department to transform the whole Alvord Lake area, from Waller to JFK drive, with the goal of recreating its former status as "the" pedestrian entrance to Golden Gate Park. A project manager will be selected within Rec & Park, public meetings will be held  with all stakeholders, landscape architects will be sought, and the whole process could take at least three years. No one envisions any buildings in the area, but an existing building/restroom could be utilized as an information center. Stay tuned!
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