HANC Speaks for the Haight

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By Tes Welborn, HANC Board

Once again, Haight area residents voted the HANC Slate, showing that HANC does speak for the Haight! And, again it was clear how progressive the Haight votes compared to the city as a whole [we have more work to do].

The HANC Slate said YES on City College, Affordable Housing, Electing our Elected Officials, Youth Voting, Public Advocate, Senior Dignity Fund, splitting appointments for MTA, an oversight commission for city Housing and Economic Development, non-citizen voting for School Board and preserving industrial and arts spaces.

The HANC Slate said NO on Lennar office development, realtor propositions P & U, making tents illegal again, and micromanaging the police department.

As we look back, in order to look forward, it feels good to know our neighborhood still stands tall for people power.


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