HANC's Ballot Argument Against Prop Q

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Every few years, when the neglect of the needs of homeless San Franciscans produces obvious civic distress, desperate politicians avoid blame by placing some “common sense” measure on the ballot to “get tough” with homeless people: “Care Not Cash” in 2002 and “Sit Lie” in 2010 were measures that promised to end homelessness by “getting tough” with homeless people. Both have clearly failed,

This year it’s Proposition Q, making illegal tenting illegal again!

This truly “Trumpian” solution must be rejected, simply to break our local politicians’ bad habits.

Tenting is already illegal in San Francisco. This proposition is unnecessary.

There are two other measures on this year’s ballot, Props J* and S that will provide resources needed to address the unmet needs of our homeless neighbors and will actually remove homeless people from the street by providing homes for them.

Vote No on Q

If you really want to get homeless people off the street,

Vote Yes on J* and S.

The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council

*Note:  The printed ballot argument mistakenly replaced Prop J with Prop K.  Proposition J sets aside funding to address homelessness and transportation.  Proposition K provides for a sales tax to fund Proposition J. 
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