December at HANC: How the Haight-Ashbury Voted in November

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Join us on Thursday, December 13, beginning at 7 pm at the Park Branch Library as we discuss the November election.

It should come as no surprise that Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney 10,710 (90% of the neighborhoods vote) to 591 (.04%) here in the Haight-Ashbury. Nor should it come as much of a surprise in this stronghold of political “chat” that some 78% of the registered voters of the neighborhood voted, a stronger turnout that the 73% in San Francisco or the 71% in California.

As the old saying goes: “All politics are local”; and Decembers meeting will get as “local” as it can get. 

The meeting will be devoted to a discussion of how the Haight-Ashbury voted this last November by individual precinct and by sub neighborhood areas . we will compare and contrast the neighborhoods vote with the rest of District Five and the City. We will look at key ballot measures and how HANC recommendation on 6 City and 8 State measures was greeted in the neighborhood. We will take detailed looks at Proposition C, the Housing Trust Fund, Proposition E, the Gross Receipts Business Tax which HANC members campaigned for door to door in the neighborhood. We will also look at the District 5 Supervisor race and who came in where here in the Haight- Ashbury.

Assisiting in bringing some analysis to the number crunching, done as usual by HANC Board member Calvin Welch, Decembers meeting will have long time gay community activist, local merchant and past President of HANC, Joey Cain. Joey will be joined by Prof. Corey Cook, of USF, the political science “source” of record for the Chronicle and long time observer of San Francisco elections and politics. 

Joey, Corey and Calvin will be loaded with facts and observations and you should come loaded with questions, observations and opinions on what just happened. It’s all happening at the Park Brnach Library, 1833 Page Street, 7 PM, Thursday, December 13.

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