September 14 at HANC: Introduction to San Francisco Politics

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HANC's monthly (except August) general membership meeting is held downstairs at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street (between Cole and Shrader) on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 7 pm.  Our meetinngs are open to the public and free to attend.

The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council has participated in San Francisco politics since our inception in 1959.  Our focus has always been on our neighborhood, but our neighborhood is part of San Francisco, and has always been affected by City Hall.  At our September general meeting, we will provide an introduction to San Francisco politics, from HANC’s perspective, and want to give our members and our neighbors a chance to ask questions and to get involved.


We will try to answer questions such as “”What’s the difference between a progressive and a moderate?”  “What are the roles of the Mayor, of the Board of Supervisors, and of the various Commissions, Boards, and Committees?”  “What are the Costa Hawkins Act and the Ellis Act, and how do they contribute to displacement?” “How do state legislators affect local politics?” “Why can’t we build our way out of the housing crisis?” and “What are current issues in San Francisco?”  “How can I be more involved in progressive San Francisco politics?”  We also welcome questions you may have about local politics and issues.

We hope to have information for those new to San Francisco, and for those who have been part of the local politics for years.   Join us on Thursday, September 14, at 7 pm, at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street.  Bring your ideas and questions, and bring a friend.


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